Bardon Primary School Link

Year 4 are having an amazing time making new friends with children from Bardon Primary School.

The Bongos have been linking with 4H from Barden Primary School in Burnley. They spent the day together at Burnley Youth Theatre getting to know new friends and thinking about their similarities and differences. On arrival the two classes were split in half and sent to work with either Laura or Alice from the theatre. Lots of fun was had playing ice breaker games, the children then worked in pairs to find 3 differences and 3 similarities which would become part of the group working with Alice and their final performance. Next in larger groups they added the end to the sentence starters we dream, we hope we are. To round off the performance the children sang the opening of This is Me from The Greatest Showman. 

At lunchtime the children were challenged to sit with people from each other’s schools and lots of chatting and laughter accompanied the packed lunches.

After lunch there were more games and rehearsals ready for the final  performance, the performances were brilliant. 

Soon it was time to say goodbye , we exchanged work about each other and made our way back to our schools. it really has been a wonderful day meeting new friends. The Bongos have learnt a lot and really appreciated the fact that even though people can come from very different backgrounds there will be differences but there will also be lots of similarities such as enjoying football, having pets, being born in the UK. 


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