Fantastic Giraffes

Date: 3rd May 2024 @ 4:14pm

First of all a big well done to the Giraffes who were fantastic in their class assembly on Thursday - definitely all shining!

We enjoyed sharing our Science learning with parents this week. We were describing the properies of different materials. We learnt lots of new science words eg transparent, opaque, fragile.

Today we had fun creating equal groups outside, first with stones, groups of 5's, 10's and 2's. We had to count in 2's or 5's or 10's to work out how many altogether.

Next we shook dice and got a point if our numbers matched and were equal. Last of all we had 12 counters and had to work out how many different ways we could make equal groups with them.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the extra day - dont forget we're off to the seaside on Thursday! Fingers crossed the sunshines!!


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