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The Pupils of Longton Primary School


       Longton Primary Primary School

     “Investors in Pupils” Assessment

Dear Pupils,

First, may we say a big thank you for inviting us into your school to look at all the things you are doing for ‘Investors in Pupils’.

 We really enjoyed our short time with you and talking to you in your classrooms and in groups throughout the day. Your school has lots of good things happening and it would take us far too long to list them all, so here are the ones we found especially pleasing.

  • Whenever we saw children around school or when we were talking to groups of children you were confident, polite and well behaved. We were very impressed with the way you listened to each other and the way in which you talked to us and expressed your views and ideas so clearly.
  • You are very proud of your school and work hard to follow your Class Visions. You clearly live up to your school motto of ‘To Care. To Grow. To Shine’.
  • All pupils explained how they are encouraged to be independent and the many ways in which you contribute to the decisions made in your school. Your roles and responsibilities are many and we were impressed with the maturity you showed in carrying these roles out. All of your pupil groups make a huge contribution to the development and running of your school and in ensuring your views are listened to. We like the fact that you can write to your headteacher if you have any issues or ideas, the many assemblies which you plan and the presentations you make to governors.
  • We were very impressed that you were able to tell us about all the things you were responsible for yourself, like your own learning and behaviour which was excellent.
  • You keep your classrooms clean and tidy and you care for the equipment and resources in school. You know that the resources in your school cost money and that you must look after them.
  • You know your class and individual targets and you all seem to try hard to achieve them. You know how important it is to come to school every day.
  • You have a good understanding of the different adult roles in school and are aware of how different people help you learn or care for you.

We have suggested to Mrs. Brown a few things that you could do to make ‘Investors in Pupils’ even better in your school. I am sure she will talk to you about these.

Please keep working hard and congratulations on getting the ‘Investors in Pupils’ award. We hope you have a big celebration before the end of term.

With best wishes

Linda Oakes                            Ian Dixon

‘Investors in Pupils’ Assessors


The school scounil had their photograph taken with details of the award for the Lancashire Evening Post and wrote their own press release.

It is shown below:


Investors in pupils

Investor in pupils is an award all about pupil voice. On their website they say, ‘Investors in Pupils helps pupils find out about their school, the jobs of everyone in it and that the school has a budget. It supports them in setting targets for the class and for themselves whilst recognising the importance of the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in their education, and how they as pupils can make a difference.’

In order to get the award you have to: have a class target, individual target, an induction booklet, a class motto and understand why learning is important. We have learned about the role of our governors, how our teachers learn and what school spends its money on. We did an assembly about the cost of resources and everyone was amazed at how much equipment for the classroom costs. We all agreed to take more care over things. At our school pupils are always making decisions, like interviewing new teachers, showing parents around, visiting other schools or planning playtime games and jobs.

What did everyone have to do?

It took over a year to create the changes in school, although we have only been the Year 6 school councillors since September, it was our job to make sure it all run smoothly. We have organised assemblies, charity events and run school council initiatives and meetings. Our file of work was huge, even from this short time. Everyone was very excited about the Investors In Pupils people coming round to view our wonderful school and we worked hard to make them feel welcome- as we do all visitors to school. We all contributed on the display boards and induction booklets so that it was all in our own words. All our school councillors did a great job in organising their classes so they could see them at the best of their ability. It was a very busy day, we had to arrange lots of children to talk to the visitors, invite governors and parents to talk to them and check everything was going well. It was busy but great fun!


Why are you proud of winning Investors in Pupils?

We are all very proud of being awarded the Investors in Pupils because it means that our school is one of the best, well it is in our opinion. There is only 1 other school near us – Layton Primary School that has also received the award so we are really happy. We also think it is very good because we now get a logo on the letters we send out saying Investors in Pupils so that everyone will know how hard we have worked. Our school is very lucky and we are thankful to have such nice teachers and a great Headteacher otherwise we probably wouldn’t have been awarded it. Come and see us anytime and we will show you all our hard work.

From Matthew Fish, Cameron Fish, Amelia Suffell, Georgina Hardman Year six school councillors.

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