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Year 6 awards, by Mr Pearson

Date: 12th Jul 2024 @ 9:20am

An amazing event was held at Longotn to recognise the amazing achievements the Year 6 children have made over their time here. 

Scientific Elephants, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 23rd Jun 2024 @ 4:20pm

It has been a very scientific week in Year 6 . Thclass have learnt about the human circulatory system and they had great fun taking tier own pulse rates to investigate the effect of exercise on thir heart/pulse rate and to calculate recovery times. They did brilliantly with the maths. They aslo rvsied the digestive system to learn how water and nutrients are carried around the body.

Rehearsals for our end of year show continue and nearly all of the children are off script already. Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Doherty have been busy organising props and costumes. It is going to be greeat.


Eco Trip, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 13th Jun 2024 @ 8:06pm

Today Year 6 have enjoyed a visit to the Southport Eco Centre. They took part in quizzes, played giant board games, had fun in the immersive room, looked at the Clean Crew Website and completed activities about how poor air quality affects the body and made solar powered circuits.

Cyber Escape Challenge, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 11th Jun 2024 @ 9:13pm

This morning the children became Cyber Crime Prevention Officers to work in teams to solve challenges, puzzlesand interrogate evidence . The challenge was based on the story of Hansel and Gretel and helped the children develop their STEM skills, critical thinking and problem solving. They also learnt about careers in computer science. The children worked really well and were the first class who have done this challenge snice it bgan in February where every team scored 100 or more points. Before today only 1 team had scored full marks, the Elephants had 2 teams who achieved this. The class were praised for their team work and their eye for detail. It was a fun filled morning and lots of the children daid the investigations had made their brains hurt. 

MAD SCIENCE Assembly, by Mrs Catterall

Date: 31st May 2024 @ 11:33am

We enjoyed our visit from Mad Science.  Lots of fun and learning.  I'm sure we will all be trying the balloon and hair experiment!

Forms have gone home if you would like to be a part of the Mad Science after school club.



Arts Week Day 4, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 23rd May 2024 @ 9:48pm

This morning started with the children choosing the materials they wanted to use to bring their Climate change art to life. They mage great choices and worked carefully right up to playtime. After play we joined Mrs Skinner in the Art Studio where the children created beautiful pieces of work using masking tape to create areas in which they would later add water colours. The outcomes are wonderful. They then learnt how to draw penguins and each drew a penguin to add to their painting.

After lunch there was an assembly about dance. We then took our turn to take the D-Day lantern around the track.

Back in class the climate change art was finished and the chidren finished the day singing some of the songs from our production Darwin Rocks.



Arts Week Day 3, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 22nd May 2024 @ 9:06pm

Today has been National Numeracy Day and thiis morning the children took pat in a very special maths session with Mrs Simpson and Steve Spensley, Marketing Director at London Stock Exchange. Mrs Simpson was super impressed with the way in which the children tackled the group tasks they were set and their contribution to the session. Infact she was so impressed that she gave the class a class compliment.

This afternoon there was a music themed assembly where the choir performed. The children then painted their amazing coil pots and sketched out their climate change pictures. Tomorrow they will bring these to life in ways they have chosen. 

Arts Week Day 2, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 21st May 2024 @ 3:48pm

Today has been a very busy day. 6 children went to New Longton Bowling Club to take part in a crown green bowling competition- they played well and had lots of fun.

In class the children did some transition based art with Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Doherty. They then researched wildlife in Antarctica and chose animals they want to add to their iceberg sculptures and to use in a pinting later in the week. 

This afternoon has been the last sports day for Year 6 and they did an amazing job leading thier teams around the activities. I have had lots of very lovely comments from staff . Well done.


Well done!, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 19th May 2024 @ 6:09pm

Well done Year 6 !

You have tackled your SATs with great determination this week and shown everyone in school how hard you have worked to be ready to dot the tests. You were all confident and so proud of yourselves. 

The whole school are proud of you and we know that each and every one of you has tried your very best.

It was great to see the enjoyment you all had on Friday with your wonderful specialist teachres and  to hear from them how impressed they were with your mature behavior.

Next week is Arts week so we will definetly be having lots of fun.

Year 6 Are Amazing, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 3rd May 2024 @ 12:11pm

What a week! The children have worked so hard, they are truly amazing. As well as putting 100% into their learning as we apprach SATs the class have enjoyed watching the Year 1 class assembly - they were really proud of their buddies and siblings. They have also enjoyed a French lesson this morning and this afternoon we will be taking part in a live science lesson about Antarctica in readiness for arts week later this month. 



Mathematicians at work, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 24th Apr 2024 @ 10:24pm

Today the class have been busy classifying, measuring and calculating angles in maths as well as doing some arithmetic and reasoning. We also enjoyed some time outside in the sunshine this afternoon.


Busy Elephants, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 23rd Apr 2024 @ 8:48pm

It has been another busy day for Year 6. The day started with the morning task , a GPS quiz activity. Next was arithmetic, followed by maths where we consolidataed yesterday's learning about coordinates learning how to translate shapes. After play was reading response and spelling. The morning finished with revision of coordinating and subordinate conjunctions and noun phrases. 

The afternoon was split into 2 sessions. The first session started with 3  maths reasoning questions followed by a lesson on reflections. At 2 o'clock the class ventured outside for a cricket lesson with Stuart a Lancashire coach.


Brilliant Start to the Term, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 22nd Apr 2024 @ 2:42pm

Year 6 have made a briiliant start to the summer term. As SATS approach they are working hard to make sure their knowledge and skills in reading, GPS and maths are where they want them to be. 

Throughout last week they showed huge amounts of grit and determination to work hard and use previous learning to aid their work.

On Friday GPS revision was done through a mystery solving game and maths through playing board games. Great fun was then had as the children planned and began to make their own games. When the games are finished the children will play each others creations. 

Alice in Wonderland Production, by Mr Kennedy

Date: 19th Apr 2024 @ 2:49pm

What a show! Longton children had the pleasure of enjoying a fantastic production of Alice in Wonderland on Monday. 

Wonderful Elephants, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 27th Mar 2024 @ 8:30pm

Elephants you have reached the en of another term and what a busy one it has been. An amazing residential, World Book Day, Science Week, your leavers hoodies and your well earned Year 6 role model shield. 

As well as all of the above you have continued to work hard and strive to be the best versions of yourselves. 

This afternoon was fantastic, watching you carry out the science investigations you had planned using the new Electro Snaps kits , the tests were all fair and some excellent conclusions have been reached.



Scientists at Work!, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 17th Mar 2024 @ 4:49pm

Science week saw the Elephants taking part in a whole school investigation where each class looked at the different factors that affect how many times a biscuit can be dunked. Our question was does the amount of sugar in a biscuit affect how many times it can be dunked before it breaks. Each child wrote a prediction, joined in the investigation which was great fun. They recorded their results on carefully drawn tables, calculated averages, created scatter graph and then wrote conclusions. 

We shared this work with Year 6 at New Longton via Zoom.

On Thursday lots of investigations were carried out using Electro Snaps kits to craeate a range of different circuits. The circuits then had to be drawn using the correct symbols.

New Longton Year 6 shared some of their science work with us on Thursday afternoon. 

Y6 Rock Stars, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 7th Mar 2024 @ 8:29pm

Year 6 have had a lovely day celebrating their last World Book Day at Longton.

The day began with an assembly where the class listened to a wonderful story called Multiplying Menace, The Revenge of Rumpelstiltskin. This was a maths themed story involving multiplication of integers and fractions. 

Following the assembly half of the class went to the library with their Year 1 buddies. They had a great time and came back with beautiful handmade bookmarks. The children who staued in school worked as a team to write the opening to the whole school story The Battle of the Odd and Even Numbers. They then began to write their own books. The children chose to write stories about rockstars or a maths theme. In the afternoon the children swapped what they were doing meaning that the remainder of the class were able to visit the library with their buddies. As well as writing their stories and making the most amazing book covers the children had the opportunity to complete a book themed code busting puzzle.

As the children worked they listened to and sang along to a range of pop and rock music. 

The day finished with another assembly to share the finshed wholes school assesmbly which was fabulous.

Thank you for all your efforts with the costumes, the children all looked fantastic.


Library visit, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 7th Mar 2024 @ 11:10am

Year 1 enjoyed their story session at the library with their buddies, they took part in a scavenger hunt and made a book mark. A great start to world book day,

Another Busy Week !, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 9th Feb 2024 @ 10:45am

Year 6 have had another very busy week of learning and fun. The children did an amazing job this week researching and presenting the route they may take into future careers. We backed this activity up watching children with physical and learning differences talk about thier aspirations.

The Elephants have been flying in maths this week showing a real enjoyment and understanding of algebra.

Our learning about famous scientisist and innovators has come to an end and to finish the unit I challenged the children to become innovators and they have come up with some stunning ideas.

In DT I was very impressed with the way in which every single member of the class has cut out their pattern then attached it to fabric of their choice and then cut the pieces out. The sewing process has started and the finished garments are fantastic.

We have now reached the end of this half term and as a team we are so proud of the progress the children have made. 

Thank you to the families who attended last night's SATs meeting, I have uploaded the PowerPoint and a copy of the Year 6 SATs word document to the class page of the website.

I will also put a copy of the activities we are doing at High Adventure on the class page , the document has another copy of the suggested kit list at the bottom. Please remember the children will need a packed lunch in a reusable contatiner and a drinks bottle for the first day. 

Wishing you all a great half term

Mrs Fletcher 



Elephant Update, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 2nd Feb 2024 @ 2:11pm

The Elephants have had a very busy week, as usual. Lots of great work in English and maths. The children impressed Mrs Brown so much on Tuesday with their learning when she visited our English lesson that she awarded them 2 class compliments. 

In Geography this week the class have been learning about Greenwich Meant time and how this relates to lines of longitude particularly the Prime Meridian.

We have had 2 science lessons this wee, one a live BBC lesson the adaptation of sharks which was great and the other continuing our learning about famous scientists. This week the children did amazing jobs reseraching the life and work of Dr Daniel Hale Williams which they have presented in the form of biographies. 

In RE our learning was around Hajj the pilgrimage that Muslims aim to take part in once in a life time. 

Well done for being so wonderful Elephants , be ready to sew next week youve got waistcoats to make!

The Rest of The Week, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 27th Jan 2024 @ 9:45am




Reading Response - Brian Cox

Maths check up - arithmetic and reasoning paper 1

Geography - investigating if there are links between latitude and longtitude and biomes/climate

Singing assembly





Reading Response - Marcus Rashford

Maths check up - reasoning paper 2

English - modal verbs

Science - Learning about Marie Maynard Daly and her work on the affects of sugar and cholestorol on the body .









Busy Elephants, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 23rd Jan 2024 @ 8:46pm

Monday 22nd January

Morning task - phonics activity 

Spelling - Look Say Cover Write Check for this week's new words

Reading Response - Biography of Bear Grylls

GPS and spelling check up 

DT - design a waistcoat for a soft toy

PE - dribbling, passing and shooting skills in hockey

Maths - introduction to the ratio sign :


Tuesday 23rd January

Morning task - phonics activity

RE -What is Ummah and why is it important to Muslims?

Reading Check up 

Maths - fractions and ratio

In the afternoon we completed our maths , did a relaxation Yoga session in the hall and completed our RE 

Friday, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 19th Jan 2024 @ 11:47am

This morning the children have fun playing a variety of instruments in music. This was followed by more work on Macbeth in drama. Computing has been a successful lesson with a clas compliment being awarded by Miss Sanders.

This afternoon the children are looking forward to cricket and art. 

Wednesday and Thursday, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 19th Jan 2024 @ 7:57am


Morning task - phonics

Spelling - a class favourite today- pyramid words.

Reading - last session developing our summarising skills

Maths - fluent in five, reasoning and we started our new unit, ratio looking at additive and multiplicative aspects to help us know when we need to add or multiply.

English - a writing focus today using our learning about formal and informal language to write a formal letter in the role of Percy Jackson's headteacher and then an informal letter in the role of Percy to his best friend Grover.

Afternoon - personal development activities with Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Doherry in LPS+



Morning task finishing our letters / reading own books

Spelling - check up 

Reading - a full VIPERS session today reading about Tim Berners Lee a British man who was pivotal in the development of the world wide web

Science - researching the life and work of Libbie Hyman who specialised in the classification of invertebrates

Maths - fluent in five - a double lot of questions this afternoon followed by a lesson looking at the language of ratio

English - we started to revise modal verbs which we will continue next week.

Well done Elephants you have worked hard this week and it shows in your the quality of the work you have produced. I am very proud of you all.


Monday and Tuesday, by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 16th Jan 2024 @ 9:13pm



Spelling - feeling the shape of this week's words

Reading - this week we are focusing on developing our summarising skills.

Geography - finding longtitude and latitude coordinates of given captial cities

Maths - learnning about imperial measures

PE - passing, dribblind and tackling in hockey

English - rewriting informal sentences in a more formal manner.




Spelling - using each of our spellings in a sentence to show that we understand their meaning.

Reading - more summarising skills this time using a poenm as our text

Fluent in Five

First Aid - one and a half hours learning first aid skills. Everyone did brilliantly.

Maths - making sure that we really undersatnd imperial measures.

English - revising word classes by picking words from a given list , identifying their word class and then writing a definition of the word to show what it measns as part of that class.





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