Year 1 - The Giraffes: Blog items

Fantastic Nativity play, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 30th Nov 2023 @ 12:15pm

A big well done to the Giraffes for fabulous performances of there Nativity play. They worked hard learning lines, singing songs and knowing when to come on and off. We were very proud of their confidence...definitely F. A. N. T. A. S. T. I. C!!!!

Getting excited ..., by Mrs Pratten

Date: 24th Nov 2023 @ 6:18pm

We have been busy with our play, knowing our lines and improving our songs...we were very excited to try on our costumes. We can’t wait to share it!!

Don t forget to get your tickets for either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday evening.

We have been using our part whole model to help us write addition and subtraction number sentences. 

In History we started to learn about Robert Goddard, the inventor of the first liquid fuelled rocket.

In English we learnt about verbs, doing words and how they change if used in the past or the present eg I am looking.I looked.

Have a good weekend, enjoy some sunshine!

Getting ready..., by Mrs Pratten

Date: 17th Nov 2023 @ 4:50pm

This week we have been busy learning our Nativity songs and practising our words, well done and thank you to those who have been reading through at home it is sounding good!

In science we have been continuing to learn about Seasons and seasonal changes,we really enjoyed  making season jigsaws, As part of Parliament week we read an interesting book where we found out all about the Houses of Parliament.

Have a lovely weekend :) 

Remembrance Day, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 10th Nov 2023 @ 5:23pm

We had an interesting morning learning all about Remembrance Day, we talked about why we celebrate, looked at old photos of WW2 , took part in our special assembly and talked about we we had dressed up as.

The children all looked amazing, thank you for supporting, the sun was their eyes for the photos hence some are grimacing!!!

Enjoy your weekend. :) 

Class compliment, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 3rd Nov 2023 @ 5:06pm

Today the Graffe enjoyed a well deserved class compliment treat.They voted to watch a film and have some popcorn. 

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the fireworks , keep safe 🌟

Eco Halloween, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 2nd Nov 2023 @ 8:19am

A big thank you to some of the Eco team who helped Kelly create some funky Halloween decorations out of milk cartons They looked fab..and  the team enjoyed helping out!

Story session, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 31st Oct 2023 @ 3:29pm

We enjoyed a Halloween  themed story session at the library, some funny stories and we made a spooky ghost!

Friday fun!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 20th Oct 2023 @ 4:53pm

Today we enjoyed our computer lesson and created some fab pictures.

This afternoon we had time with our buddies and played some playground games with them. We had fun!

Have a lovely break , don’t forget to let us know what you get  up to in your holiday passports!


Keep safe and enjoy!🙂

Autumn walk, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 17th Oct 2023 @ 4:36pm

We had a lovely Autumn walk to the Brickcroft, spotted signs of Autumn and also used our senses to see a lot and hear a lot.

As they have had such a fantastic start to Year 1 , even time for a sneaky play on the park!

KS1 event, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 12th Oct 2023 @ 3:58pm

Well done to Kit, Issac, Molly P and Lydia in Year 2 who went to Priory and took part in a multi sport event with other local schools. Theye were amazing and loved all the different activities!

Using our sense of touch, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 9th Oct 2023 @ 7:50pm

This afternoon we continued exploring our senses having fun using our sense of touch. We know our skin helps us touch things not just our hands. 

We loved feeling jelly, cornflour gloop and shaving foam, we came up with some great words to describe them, gloopy, sticky, smooth, soft, squelchy.

We also had to find objects from a selection that felt smooth, rough, hard  and soft, we sketched them in our books and labelled them.

We loved it!!

Exploring old toys, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 6th Oct 2023 @ 5:33pm

A big thank you for sending in the old toys for us to look at.The Giraffes loved talking about them and showing them to the class. We talked about how some toys are the same but look a bit different and how  the materials they are made from have changed. Some were definitely well loved!

Apple picking, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 5th Oct 2023 @ 5:33pm

Thank you Eco team and Mrs Jackson who stayed behind after school to help pick the apples and pears. There are a lot bring a bag and help yourself after school tomorrow by the tuck shop, donations welcome!

Special teddies come to school!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 2nd Oct 2023 @ 6:39pm

Today the Giraffes really enjoyed having their special teddies in school. They enjoyed talking about them, drew pictures and wrote sentences and shared stories with them.

In science this afternoon we learnt all about Braille,  we wrote in Braille and learnt aabout Louis Braillle. We went on a colour walk , of course our teddies came too! We had to look for all the colours of the rainbow!

Tasty learning, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 25th Sep 2023 @ 6:05pm

Today ,as scientists, we enjoyed using our sense of taste, we tasted salty, sour and sweet. We had to guess and choose our favourite flavour. We made  a block graph to record our results. We loved the crisps and chocolate...some liked the lemon...some did not!

Fantastic Giraffes, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 22nd Sep 2023 @ 4:43pm

This week the Giraffes enjoyed testing their smelling skills by smelling different pots and guessing what was in them. They had to record their guesses and if they liked the smell or not...some good detectives!

In maths this afternoon we used tens frames to help,us work out one more.

Being Geographers!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 14th Sep 2023 @ 7:18pm

We enjoyed taking photographs this afternoon of the different features that make up our school. We talked about all the things we could see, we are going to do some sorting with them next week.

Story fun, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 13th Sep 2023 @ 7:29pm

This week we have enjoyed the story of The Little Red Hen, today we had fun working in groups to act out the story, each group carried the story on, we were fantastic!

Fantastic Giraffes, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 7th Sep 2023 @ 3:56pm

Well done Giraffes for a fantastic first week in Year1 :) 

We have been learning all about split digraphs in phonics, enjoyed the story of the cautious caterpillar in English, in Maths we have been wrting numbers and sorting objects. We had fun in science on Monday labelling our friends! We have met Jigsaw Jack and he is helping us learn how to be a good learner in Year1. In Geography we have started to think about what our school is like.

We have been busy, busy ,busy!!!

Our Year 1 classroom, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 31st Aug 2023 @ 3:46pm

Hello and welcome to the Year 1 blog page!

I am excited to see everybody tomorrow morning and have just put some pictures of  the classroom on so youcan get a sneaky look before tomorrow.

See you soon


Mrs Pratten :)

Busy busy!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 18th Jul 2023 @ 10:27pm

The giraffes have been working hard this week. They have been busy each morning with phonics, guided reading and maths. In the afternoons they have embraced planning their own activities.

The pictures show their performances from Monday and their summer time ice cream parlour from today. They also created butterflies using coffee filter paper, wrote a story about a magic shell and created mazes in maths. They got to test out each other’s maze to see if they could reach the treasure.

Very proud giraffes!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 16th Jul 2023 @ 6:22pm

The giraffes had a great week which started with a visit to Longton library. Helen read us great  pirate stories and the children got to make their own parrot.

We received a postcard from Mr. Dunne in Mexico and also a postcard from Polly the pirate who has gone off to explore China.

The children will not be sent home any homework or school reading books for the summer. We have talked to the children about reading their own books at home and Helen from the library has started all the class off on the summer reading challenge. 

The giraffes have planned their afternoon sessions for their last week in Reception. On Monday they are having a performing afternoon. Dressing up, drama, puppet shows, dancing and singing.

On Tuesday they are having a summer themed afternoon. They will be building sandcastles, playing in water, playing outside games and then creating their own ice creams in our classoom ice cream parlour.

On Wednesday the children have planned a sports themed afternoon. We are hoping to have football, cricket, tennis, parachute games and a giant obstacle course which the children will be creating.

On Thursday we will be watching the year six dress rehearsal and on Friday the children will have drama and IT.

A busy week ahead!

The children have been feeling very proud in class. They are reading, writing, drawing, playing with their friends and sharing well. They enjoyed their art project which was recreating their own Andy Warhol piece of art.

We are talking a lot about year one and we have been bringing books and objects from their new classroom in September into class to talk about. We are having Mrs. Regan in class with us on Monday who will be the year one classroom assistant. I will pass on the ‘All about me’ books to Mrs. Pratten who will look at the books in September with your child. If you have any questions about year one or if you think your child is worrying please let us know so we can help.

Thank you

Journalist Giraffes!, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 5th Jul 2023 @ 9:44pm

Tomorrow homework will be coming out in the paper folders. I have included our new sounds to learn as well as a sheet to complete for Earth Day on Monday. The children should have some ideas from our class book - Clean Up, which I hope they will share with you. We have been talking about the importance of using bins and recycling. I would be very grateful if you could show your child how you recycle at home.

Mrs. Pratten was delighted with the children on Tuesday afternoon. They really are fantastic and are loving their new adventures in Year One already.

This morning was spent playing party games, having ice lollies and bunny rabbit crisps. We had lots of fun and the children felt very proud of achieveing all of their class compliments.

Our class story has been about a little girl visiting her grandparents in Jamaica. Unfortunately the beach and the sea were full of litter which hurt the animals and sea life. The giraffes also looked at newspapers this week and we decided to write an important article for a newspaper linked to our story. Our journalist giraffes did an amazing job. Some of the headlines read 'The clean up crew saves the day' and 'Clean up crew to the rescue'.

Photographs will follow of the children copying the clean up crew around our school grounds. They were superstars!


Another fantastic afternoon in Y1, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 4th Jul 2023 @ 4:02pm

Another lovely afternoon spent with the Giraffes. We finished off our fabulous stretchy giraffes, they will look amazing in our classroom in September. We also made birthday cards, again, ready to hand out on birthdays next year.

Our Eco team class representatives are Reuben and Lucia , well done on creating some amazing posters. Our school parliament representatives are Harper S and Arley.

Mrs Regan and I are very excited to be teaching the Giraffes next year, definitely a fantastic tribe!

What shall we do with a grumpy pirate?, by Mrs Thomson

Date: 29th Jun 2023 @ 9:50pm

Another busy week for our giraffes! 

On Monday we started our new class story. However the children are still enjoying being pirates so we have plenty of role play, drama and singing opportunities for them all to enjoy.

A huge thank you for your wonderful maps which the children created for their homework. They all got to share their map and talk about it with their key worker group. They were very proud and so were we.

Tuesday was an exciting day with the afternoon spent in their new year one classroom. Mrs. Pratten had a lovely time with the giraffes and everyone came back with big smiles wanting to tell me all about it.

On Wednesday afternoon we performed our Tic Tac song on the stage in front of the whole school. The giraffes wore their bandanas ( recycled and painted blue, white and red for France) The children started by counting in French and then sang and danced confidently to everyone. It was a great performance. We loved watching all the amazing acts and we found it very difficult to vote at the end.

The children had their second road safety session today. After their class work, session last week and a session this morning the children crossed School Lane with their group leaders using the stop, look and listen rules. They were amazing listeners and remembered to look for a safe spot and to stand behind the kerb. They know to always hold hands with a grown up or hold onto a pram at all times on the footpaths. Well done giraffes!

The children have been voting this afternoon for their class compliment idea. Unfortunately I had to explain that I couldn’t hire a bouncy castle or take us all to the seaside but eventually we had a winner with 19 children voting for a dress up party (pirates, fancy dress or party clothes) party games and party food. I will confirm the date tomorrow. 

Tomorrow morning we are walking to church to have a tour of the church by Father Sam. This is part of our RE work this half term. Please send coats with your child.

Thank you for your help and support,



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