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busy, busy..., by Mrs Pratten

Date: 16th May 2024 @ 4:17pm

This week the children have been busy finishing off  topic work. We tested different materials in Science to find which would make the best umbrella. We compared old and new swimming costumes in History. In Maths we have been trying to make equal groups from different numbers, we learnt some will and some won't! We have been enjoying the story Dear Greenpeace, in Engish all about Emily and the whale in her pond.

Today it was our turn to have the torch as part of our D day, 80th  anniverasry celebrations. We enjoyed running round the field with it and pasing it on, just like  the one going around the UK. Harper S and Phoebe S have taken the torch home tonight and will return it tomorow to pass on to Y2.

As a school we are taking part in the Path to Paris Get Set competition. (olympics) The focus is all about being active.  swimming, playing the in garden, jujitsu, things as a family - walking the dog etc You can log in and add on active things you do as a family, an email should be coming to you with more infrormation and log in detatils.
Don't forget Arts Wek next week, you might want to send the children in with an old T shirt/shirt to protect their cothes might get messy!!!
Have a lovely weekend :)

The beach!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 9th May 2024 @ 4:25pm

We finally made it to the beach, we had a great  time! We dug big holes, built sandcastles,found a few shells and Jessica B blew bubbles at us!!

A lovely , lovely day!! (think we'll all sleep well tonight....)

Carousel and ice creams!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 9th May 2024 @ 4:19pm

Next a surprise.. we were able to go on the carousel.. it was great!

We also had our ice creams - yummy!

Southport in the sun!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 9th May 2024 @ 4:14pm

We had a fabulous time in Southport today, perfect weather for a day at the seaside!

We started off as Geographers looking at the different features of Southport. Then we discussed how Southport has changed and what people would do in Southport today compared with the past, if they came for a day out or on holiday. We sketched our ideas and labelled them.

Next we had our lunch..we were starvin!!!!

Fantastic Giraffes, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 3rd May 2024 @ 4:14pm

First of all a big well done to the Giraffes who were fantastic in their class assembly on Thursday - definitely all shining!

We enjoyed sharing our Science learning with parents this week. We were describing the properies of different materials. We learnt lots of new science words eg transparent, opaque, fragile.

Today we had fun creating equal groups outside, first with stones, groups of 5's, 10's and 2's. We had to count in 2's or 5's or 10's to work out how many altogether.

Next we shook dice and got a point if our numbers matched and were equal. Last of all we had 12 counters and had to work out how many different ways we could make equal groups with them.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the extra day - dont forget we're off to the seaside on Thursday! Fingers crossed the sunshines!!


Friday fun learning, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 26th Apr 2024 @ 3:54pm

Today the Giraffes enjoyed combining their reading skills with programming in their computer lesson - good fun and a class compliment earned!

In maths this afternoon we finished our unit on volume and capacity by comparing containers and capacity. They had to estimate which would have the greatest capacity and which would have the least... to check they used cupfuls of cubes and marbles. (we know these are not the most accurate because of the gaps but were the least messy in the classroom!)

Have a lovely weekend :)

outside maths, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 23rd Apr 2024 @ 4:26pm

Today the Giraffes enjoyed exploing volume and capacity outside in the sunshine!

They had to work in small groups to fill up cups so they were, full, nearly full or nearly empty. They took it in turns and had  to use the right vocabulary to decribe thier cups.

They are starting to learn the difference betwen volume and capcity and had to work out how may cups would fill different sized containers. They then  had to answer the question: Can different sized containers hae the same capacity?

They had a lovely afternoon with Mrs Jackson doing Relax Kids, building dens and mini bug hotels in the Forest school area.

the park, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 19th Apr 2024 @ 4:13pm

... the fun continues...

Fun at the park - compliment treat, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 19th Apr 2024 @ 4:11pm

We had a lovely time at the park ..despite dodging the showers!!

Have a lovely weekend. :)

Measuring photos, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 19th Apr 2024 @ 4:05pm

Photos of measuring activities!

Alice in Wonderland Production, by Mr Kennedy

Date: 19th Apr 2024 @ 2:49pm

What a show! Longton children had the pleasure of enjoying a fantastic production of Alice in Wonderland on Monday. 

Measuring photos, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 19th Apr 2024 @ 7:51am

Photos from yesterday.

Magnificent measuring, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 18th Apr 2024 @ 4:30pm

In maths this week we have been busy measuring. We used paper,clips, rubbers and cubes to measure objects and then learnt about centimetres, and why this is a more accurate way to measure.

We have loved exploring mass, finding out how heavy or light things are. We used cubes and measuring scales to measure the mass of different objects. We also explored heavy and light and realised that large objects can be light and small objects can be heavy.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to our class compliment treat,  we voted time at the park and time on scooters and outside play back at school. Fingers crossed the sun shines!

Sorry not letting me post photos will try again tomorrow!

Egg...cellent. Easter bonnets, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 28th Mar 2024 @ 4:13pm

Well done Giraffes for creating some amazing Easter bonnets and hats, they all looked fabulous, hope you all had fun making them.

Have an egg...citing Easter break, fingers crossed for sun and bit of warmth :) 

See you all on April 15th ,have fun

Mrs Pratten πŸ£πŸŒΈβ˜€οΈ

Smashing smoothies Part 2, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 18th Mar 2024 @ 4:02pm

We then got to taste the different fruits we could use, pineapple, strawberries, avocados or bananas.

Next to design our smoothie!! We chose 2 fruits and one juice, they were delicious, most of us thought they were  nicer than the shop bought ones.

Last of all we designed a container to our smoothies in, it had to catch the eye and also tell people what was in it.

A great smoothie day... the children are keen to experiment at home... have fun!!!!

Smashing smoothies Part 1, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 18th Mar 2024 @ 3:55pm

What a great day today completing our DT task of designing and making a smoothie.

We started off sorting fruit and vegetables, we learnt all fruit have seeds , so there were some surprises!!

Next we discussed where fruit and vegetables grow, on trees, vines, on the ground or under the ground.

Then we had a go at chopping and juicing, juicing took a lot of effort!

Role play fun!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 13th Mar 2024 @ 4:43pm

We loved it!!

More photos!!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 13th Mar 2024 @ 4:40pm

Making slime...using our senses.

Imagine that!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 13th Mar 2024 @ 4:37pm

We had a fabulous time at Imagine that! We made snow, were in a foamy snow storm. We made slime and used our senses to smell and taste. We decorated a magnet, made a bath bomb, decorated a bag and had fun exploring! Last of all we really enjoyed the role play area. It was amazing...lots of areas to use our imaginations!!

We have a bag of goodies to bring home tomorrow... a lovely day :)

Sunflower success!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 12th Mar 2024 @ 12:35pm

So far so good with growing our sunflowers. shoots have appeared, we enjoyed looking at them and recording how the seeds have changed. We measured them the tallest so far was 18 cm.

In maths we had fun playing a game to see which pair could get to 50 first by shaking dice and adding counters to a tens frame. We had to keep score as we went along.

Dont forget our trip tomorrow, we are very excited!

Sharing our favourite books, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 7th Mar 2024 @ 4:43pm

We enjoyed talking about our favourite books and sharing  them with our friends.

Year 1 rocking it!, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 7th Mar 2024 @ 11:34am

Year 1 you all looked amazing!

Library visit, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 7th Mar 2024 @ 11:10am

Year 1 enjoyed their story session at the library with their buddies, they took part in a scavenger hunt and made a book mark. A great start to world book day,

Learning about plants, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 26th Feb 2024 @ 4:59pm

This afternoon the Giraffes enjoyed exploring and learning about how plants create seeds , which then grow in to new plants. We also looked at how some plants grow from bulbs. We enjoyed using magnifying glasses to really look closely at the different seeds, bulbs and plants.

We have all planted a sunflower seed, we are going to observe how it grows and changes.

Retelling stories, by Mrs Pratten

Date: 23rd Feb 2024 @ 4:04pm

The children have enjoyed listening to some traditional tales in English, Dragon Dinosaur and The House that Jack built. They really enjoyed acting out all the different characters in The house that Jack built and were great at remembering the order.

In maths we have been exploring doubles and near doubles, we liked shaking dice and trying to roll a double, we won a point every time we shook one!

Have a great weekend, don’t forget Celebration  Assembly on Tuesday afternoon. :)

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