At Longton Primary School we offer a comprehensive induction process for pre-school children who will be attending our school. We believe it is important that both parents and children are happy and confident about taking the next step into school life.



The children are able to attend our weekly pre-school session, where they and parents can begin to start to form that important relationship with school. The children enjoy a range of activities and begin to become familiar with both staff from school and the school environment. They are also able to form relationships with those children who will be starting school with them.


Nursery visits

Our school feeds in from a number of different nurseries and in the summer term these are visited by the class teacher. These visits are very important as it enables staff to:


● talk to nursery staff about the activities the children enjoy doing at nursery.

● find out how independent and confident the children are.

● speak to the nursery staff about any concerns they might have about the children so we can be ready to support them when they start school

● observe the children in a familiar setting


Home visits

Parents  and children are offered the opportunity to receive a home visit from the class teacher and TA. Again it offers staff a chance to observe the children in a familiar environment and for them to begin to build up a wider picture of the children. Parents are able to ask any questions or raise concerns they might have in a more relaxed setting.

We find it is particularly useful for parents new to school as it helps us to develop the initial relationship with parents. The children love the visits too- finding their favourite books and toys to  show us.


School visits

In the summer term the children have two afternoon visits to school with their parents. The children start to become familiar with the classroom and outside environment. It gives them the opportunity to get to meet the children who will be in their class and also continue to develop the relationship with teaching staff.

For parents it is the opportunity meet with other new parents and chat. Music groups from school perform and there is also a “taster” session of school dinners. Silvana, our school cook, prepares a selection of food for parents and children to try- always a hit!


In September the children attend full time.




New Parents evening


In the summer term we hold an evening for new parents to attend. Parents receive a pack with information to fill in and return to the office. We also include an “All about Me Book” for parents to complete with their children. The children return them to school in September and enjoy showing staff and other children what is in their books. The books include photos of family, pets, favourite paces, holidays etc


At the end of the evening parents are shown round school by members of our school parliament and heads team. The heads team also speak about their experiences of being a pupil at Longton Primary School.


Buddy System

Once the children start school they are allocated a “buddy” from Year 5 .The buddies support the children and play a key role in helping to settle the children in to school during their first few weeks. They support the children at lunchtimes, read them stories, walk down to church with them on special assemblies. We organise different activities for the buddies to do during the year and the children enjoy the special time with their buddy. The younger children have the reassurance of an older child looking after them and supporting them.


We hold open days for prospective parents to look around school,  the dates for 21/22 will be published soon.


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