Over recent years our local news has broadcast far too many fatalities of young children, fatalities that could well have been avoided.

It is from this fact we snapped their hands off when Mr and Mrs Maxfield, members of the Longton Community, visited our school and offered to donate enough money for us to purchase a defibrillator.

The money which they have donated in full has now been used to buy a defibrillator and for 16 members of staff to be trained in using the device, if the need arises. Defibrillators are safe, easy to use and cannot do harm to anyone.

Whilst I hope we never have to use the defibrillator, it is great to know that it is there and we have the equipment that could save a child’s life, your child, you or a member of your family whilst in school.

The device will be stored in a secure, yet accessible, cabinet and will be maintained on a regular basis.

Wishing good health on you all,

Julie Brown 

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