School Meals

Cordon  Bleu  Silvana

Utilising the freshest ingredients and creating dishes that would not be out of place on a restaurant menu… school meals have never tasted so good!

Having a school lunch prepared and cooked by Silvana and her talented team means that each day, pupils at our school are treated to a menu that gives them delicious, fresh, nutritious choicest.

Healthy eating is all part of the children’s education and it is an important part of their school day.  Eating a good well rounded lunch enables the children sustain motivation and focus enabling them to be open to learning, with an increased level of concentration.  Our Eco warriors have had success on their veg patch and Silvana has incorporated the food into the menus.

Pupils have a choice of three main courses with a selection of vegetables or side salad, as well as two pudding choices along with an option to have fresh fruit.  The menu is varied on a regular basis ensuring the children get an opportunity to taste new flavours and become more adventurous with their food. 

Silvana and her team operate a smooth and sleek system.  The lunchtime team are skilled ladies who ensure lunchtimes are sociable and calm occasions.  We operate two sittings.  The first batch of food is prepared and served to our younger children from Reception to Year 2 at 12 noon.  The second batch of food is served from 12.15 to year groups 3 to 6. 

On Fridays 70% of chidlren opt for a school meal.

Making a lunchbox up each day can be quite fraught - trips to the supermarket, discussions on what to put in the lunchbox and time to make it makes the cost £2.40 per day quite attractive.


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