Our friends in Africa - FOMO

Our school has supported Friends of Mulanje Orphans, FOMO - a charity set up by Mary Woodworth (a lady from Malawi who now lives in Walmer Bridge) and her husband Keith in 2000. FOMO does an incredible job looking after over 5000 children through a network of 13 centres covering over 85 villages in the Mulanje district of Malawi.

In September 2013, FOMO opened its own secondary school in Mulanje, enabling hundreds of children to have an education. Longton Primary School has linked up with FOMO Independent Secondary School, exchaning letters and photographs and sending valuable resources to the school. 

In September 2015, Mr Coxhead ran the Loch Ness Marathon alongside his 3 brothers and raised approximately £4000 for FOMO. The generous support from Longton Primary School was hugely appreciated!

To learn more about FOMO, please visit this link: http://www.fomo.co.uk/

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Tel: 01772 612495

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