Our Aims

In caring about excellence and each other, and in promoting enjoyment and happiness through fulfilment, the members of the Longton Primary community believe in:

CARE through respect, support and togetherness

  • practising selflessness and understanding the goodness in others
  • showing care, consideration, loyalty and compassion through generosity of spirit
  • showing respect for one another by appreciating each person’s individuality
  • showing respect for the School’s aims and rules, facilities and fabric
  • showing respect for self, through integrity, dignity and pride

GROW through choice, opportunity and imagination

  • trying anything and being open to challenges
  • approaching academic work with motivation, industry, and a love of learning
  • playing a full part in the life of the School, making the most of opportunities
  • being independent in thought, and offering leadership
  • showing courage and perseverance in taking risks and meeting the unknown

SHINE through challenge, achievement and celebration

  • understanding a sense of commitment in service of the community
  • showing a sense of belonging to a shared vision, through support, teamwork and flexibility
  • fostering independence and self-discipline in teaching and learning
  • showing openness and integrity which enable honesty, sensitivity and trust
  • giving time to one another to meet expectations, standards, values and acknowledge achievement.

Contact the School

Longton Primary School

School Ln

Main Contact: Georgia Whiteman or Nicola Cox

Tel: 01772 612495

SEN Contact: Rebecca Catterall and Di Regan

SEN Email: senco@longton.lancs.sch.uk